Peace within

Time keeps moving along, changing of the generations, the forests and rivers, these are places where most individuals find peace and tranquility.

At places like this, the art of concentration is quit high, since there is less of urban noises. Anything you can think of at the moment can be really inspiring into your life.

Understanding nature creations is one of the best knowledge and wisdom experiences. Seen how there’s no end in it, and every end is the beginning gives me hope even at my low points.

Hanging out in the green lands, the calm breeze, sun rays in between the green leaves of trees, I find it so fascinating.

We are all accountable to how we take care of this little wonders of the world for the next decades to experience the peace within it.

Peace within

By Michelle N

Into the cloud adventures

From thin wisps to threatening thunderheads, clouds tease our imaginations and play a critical role for life on Earth

Fascinating how these natural paintings in the sky, appear in all sorts of shapes and sizes, some forming sketches of various things based on our artistry

The first thing I do when I look out a window or go outside, is look into the heavens. Everyday is a different picture, trying to see figures or animals in the clouds others are cute and fluffy

We are never too old to change how we see things, same as the clouds perspective, let your life change on the window panes of your heart into a never ending light

Clouds remind me of how free the human race is to dance to the tune of moving forward to a different brighter image, like the laws of nature

The cloud adventures

By Michelle N

The coleus blumei plant

This species of the flowering plant, Plectranthus scutellarioides, commonly known as coleus blumei, is an attractive art of creation native to the southeast of Asia.

Coleus is mainly grown at luxury gardens and as outdoor bedding plants for it’s exquisite vividly coloured leaves, marked with almost contrasting psychedelic patterns.

The tropical plant has rapid growth especially during summer and autumn period and is mostly affected during the winter season due to the cold climate condition.

They aren’t overly attractive anyway but if you fully care for them with the right gardening tips and advice, the unique flower will surely blossom.

There’s no end in Nature every end is the beginning

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